About Me

     I'm a Central Illinois born-and-raised small town girl. I grew up less than 1/4 mile from corn fields, bean fields, and Amish homesteads. I have been with my husband for 12 years, married to him for almost 8. Chris and I have two wonderful sons, Carson and Jonathan, who keep us pretty busy. I am a public health nurse for my full time "day" job, and a mommy all the time. I love to bake, bicycle, run, play outdoors with my sons, and do crafts/sew (even though I haven't got to do much of the latter recently). In our home, we cloth diaper, babywear, eat organic (as much as possible), recycle, and say 'I Love You' more times than I can count in a day! In my professional life as a nurse, I have been an OB nurse, worked in a nursing home, worked urgent care, been an allergist's nurse, an ENT nurse, and currently work in public health. All of these have helped me become the nurse and mother that I am today. My family is my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I hope you enjoy my blog and my stories of life here in the Midwest!

Want to contact me? 
Email: cmanmommy at gmail.com
Tweet: @cmansmommy

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