Sunday, April 28, 2013

Live your life!

Today we had a "celebration of life" for my uncle who passed 6 weeks ago. He passed very suddenly at the young age of 59. He left behind a wife and two sons, who are the same age as my brother and I.  The evening I got that call is still stuck in my mind. I instantly burst into tears and they flowed for hours, into a couple days. It sent a shockwave through our family.  Uncle John was always there for you.  He helped anyone who was in need.  He would give you the shirt of his back if he knew it would help you.  Today as I talked with "old" family members, and those who I see more often, I just kept thinking about how short life can be.  59 is young....way too young to leave this world.

His passing was a wake up call of sorts for me. What if I lost my parents? Have I told them What if something happened to me tomorrow/  What would happen to my son? Would he remember me? Have I made an impact on this world? Has my life been meaningful?

So here I am.  Thinking about my life, and life in general.

Sharing my plea with you.

Live your life!

Life is short. Tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Nothing in life is guaranteed. Take the time to read to your children. Take time to make special memories. Even things that you think are small, may mean the world to someone else. Leave your legacy for those left behind, to cherish and continue in your absence.  Make in impact on this world. Leave a positive imprint.

Starting today, I am going spend more time with my family. I'm going to give more to my community. I'm going to accomplish my goals. I'm going to life my life like each day is my last.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday this week takes you back to when I was a baby. Not sure how old I was in this picture but I know it was from 1984 :) That's my dad and brother with me.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

32 week update!

As of yesterday, I am 32 weeks pregnant. The past week has flown by! We're getting closer to having things ready around here for baby to join us.

Weight gain: 16 pounds

Food aversions: Still can't eat pork.

Morning sickness: Gone!

Appetite : About normal, some days more than others, some days less.

Cravings: Starbursts

Clothes: Scrubs are about to not fit anymore....Yoga pants and maternity clothes are my friends now.

Sleeping: starting to get less and less each night. Thanks bladder! (And thanks 4 year old!)

Bellybutton: Still in...barely!

Backaches: Not too bad this week.

Heart Burn: better this week since I'm watching what I eat.

Movements: love feeling him move so much!

Gender: IT'S A BOY!

Next appointment: Next Tuesday

Looking Forward To: Being a family of four

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

31 weeks!

As of yesterday, I am 31 weeks along. This past week has been a rough one....contractions, infections, and heart issues. All in all though, my OB says its alright. Baby boy is measuring big and sitting up pretty high, so there is some concern that he may be breech too.
Weight gain: 16  pounds

Food aversions: Pork, and lately, wheat products because they give me horrible indigestion.

Morning sickness: Gone!
Appetite : About normal, some days more than others, some days less.

Cravings: Salads and fruits.

Clothes: Scrubs are about to not fit anymore....Yoga pants and maternity clothes are my friends now.

Sleeping: Doing good to sleep from 10pm to 4:30am.

Bellybutton: Still in!

Backaches:  Getting better now that the kidney infection is being treated.

Heart Burn: Getting worse, some days I wake up with it and haven't even ate anything yet!

Movements: I'm pretty sure my son is practicing sports in my uterus.

Gender: IT'S A BOY!

Name: I did our name reveal here this week :) Check it out to see!

Next appointment: Had one today, next one will be in 2 weeks.

Looking Forward To: Holding my new son, and another ultrasound to see him in a few weeks.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Baby's Name Reveal!

Now that all our family knows what baby's full name is, I figured I would share it with you, my readers. 

If you follow me on twitter, you may already know that we had previously chosen Cooper and Cameron as baby's name.   Cooper was ultimately vetoed after we realized he could be called "Cooper Pooper" by kids at school.  Cameron ended up vetoed because it sounded too much like Carson and would be confusing when calling the pediatrician's office.

You may recall that we are a BIG hockey family.  We LOVE all hockey, but mostly the Chicago Blackhawks. The first night that the NHL started playing after their months long player lockout, Chris came to me with a name suggestion. I was thrilled because it was the first time he really gave much input to baby's name, even if it was 9:00 at night and I was tired!

His suggestion......Jonathan Patrick. This was quickly followed by, "he has to have a Blackhawks outfit for his newborn pictures at the hospital!".  

This is a name I can live with. In fact, I liked the name Jonathan, but didn't think Chris would like it. Patrick also happens to be my dad's name, so I was happy to use it in naming our son.

Really though, what it all comes down to, is my husband's love for the Blackhawks and hockey.  The top players on the Blackhawks team are Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Patrick Sharp, and Marion Hossa.  So our son will be named after 3 of them! Despite the fact that yes he's named after hockey players, there's still a family name in there too, so it's not all about hockey :P

Since that day in January, I have searched everywhere for a 0-3 month or newborn size Blackhawks onesie or jersey.  I found one at Target, but continued to look elsewhere. Even when we went to Chicago last month, we couldn't find anything! So the Target onesie has been bought (a 3 pack actually) and that will be what he wears home from the hospital.

Here's the onesie he will wear:


So little JP will be making his appearance in just 8 weeks from tomorrow! Can't wait to meet our new little man!

Friday, April 5, 2013

30 Week Update!

As of three days ago, I am 30 weeks along with this pregnancy! This means baby J will be here in 6-9 weeks...*cue anxiety*

Weight gain: 14 pounds

Food aversions: Pork...Still can't make myself eat it.

Morning sickness: It's gone for the time being!

Appetite : Seems to have decreased a little bit from the past couple of weeks.

Cravings: Strawberries...I *may* have ate 3 lbs since Sunday...Oops!

Clothes: Work scrubs are getting pretty snug, but thankfully my maternity clothes are coming into season now.

Sleeping: Doing good to sleep from 10pm to 4:30am....but am finding myself sleepy more often now days.

Bellybutton: Still in...barely!

Backaches: This week I had a horrible one combined with fever that sent me to L&D. Apparently that backache was contractions caused by dehydration. Feeling much better 2 days later though.

Heart Burn: I'm getting it from the most random of foods...bread, pretzels, basically any grains, and of course spicy/acidic stuff.

Movements: I think I'm having a male gymnast!

Gender: IT'S A BOY!

Name: Still the same starts with J...he's already nicknamed JP :)

Next appointment: Next Friday, April 12th, I will be 31.3 weeks

Looking Forward To: Holding my little man and getting the bedroom finished!


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