Wednesday, April 10, 2013

31 weeks!

As of yesterday, I am 31 weeks along. This past week has been a rough one....contractions, infections, and heart issues. All in all though, my OB says its alright. Baby boy is measuring big and sitting up pretty high, so there is some concern that he may be breech too.
Weight gain: 16  pounds

Food aversions: Pork, and lately, wheat products because they give me horrible indigestion.

Morning sickness: Gone!
Appetite : About normal, some days more than others, some days less.

Cravings: Salads and fruits.

Clothes: Scrubs are about to not fit anymore....Yoga pants and maternity clothes are my friends now.

Sleeping: Doing good to sleep from 10pm to 4:30am.

Bellybutton: Still in!

Backaches:  Getting better now that the kidney infection is being treated.

Heart Burn: Getting worse, some days I wake up with it and haven't even ate anything yet!

Movements: I'm pretty sure my son is practicing sports in my uterus.

Gender: IT'S A BOY!

Name: I did our name reveal here this week :) Check it out to see!

Next appointment: Had one today, next one will be in 2 weeks.

Looking Forward To: Holding my new son, and another ultrasound to see him in a few weeks.

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