Friday, April 5, 2013

30 Week Update!

As of three days ago, I am 30 weeks along with this pregnancy! This means baby J will be here in 6-9 weeks...*cue anxiety*

Weight gain: 14 pounds

Food aversions: Pork...Still can't make myself eat it.

Morning sickness: It's gone for the time being!

Appetite : Seems to have decreased a little bit from the past couple of weeks.

Cravings: Strawberries...I *may* have ate 3 lbs since Sunday...Oops!

Clothes: Work scrubs are getting pretty snug, but thankfully my maternity clothes are coming into season now.

Sleeping: Doing good to sleep from 10pm to 4:30am....but am finding myself sleepy more often now days.

Bellybutton: Still in...barely!

Backaches: This week I had a horrible one combined with fever that sent me to L&D. Apparently that backache was contractions caused by dehydration. Feeling much better 2 days later though.

Heart Burn: I'm getting it from the most random of foods...bread, pretzels, basically any grains, and of course spicy/acidic stuff.

Movements: I think I'm having a male gymnast!

Gender: IT'S A BOY!

Name: Still the same starts with J...he's already nicknamed JP :)

Next appointment: Next Friday, April 12th, I will be 31.3 weeks

Looking Forward To: Holding my little man and getting the bedroom finished!

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