Tuesday, July 31, 2012

No carbs? What?!

My beloved husband came home from work one day last week and announced that he is breaking off his relationship with carbs....No carbs? Are you kidding me?!

 We typically have bread, noodles, or a potato dish of some sort at every meal. How am I supposed to drop carbs from our meals? While normal people wouldn't have any problem coming up with new meal ideas,  I on the other hand, happen to be married to one of the pickiest eaters ever! Not to mention, I am a carboholic. After all, I am "the midwest cornfed mom". I grew up with meat, potatoes, bread & butter, and a vegetable at every meal! Seriously. Every. Meal. I managed to stay skinny as a child, but once I was an adult it has been a struggle, that so far I am losing.

As of today, I have done good at curbing the carbs in our meals here at home for the last 6 days. I am still not sure how long this will last or if we will survive. This could get ugly, haha!

So...........anyone got any low/no carb meal ideas????

Friday, July 27, 2012

New look....

     No I'm not talking about a new look for the blog, I'm talking about a new look for me! After nearly 2 years of no haircut, I finally cut it! I had been growing it out for donating to "Pantene Beautiful Lengths". It's a program that makes wigs for people of all ages that are fighting cancer. My aunt found out she had invasive ductal carcinoma (breast cancer) in September 2010. I vowed to donate my hair the day I found out. Yesterday I completed that promise. I cut 10 inches off my hair! So here ya go, before and after photos (and yes I look awful! I was in the car, it was 95 degrees and I had just got off work).

Sooo much cooler and I love it!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Do you like your job?

      Often people ask me..."Do you like your job? Is it exciting being a nurse? What's it like?" and so on and so on...My response varies, but typically its the same short answer, "Yes I like being a nurse." I don't usually elaborate, but I'm going to share more detail with you all. Here's my sincere, heartfelt answer.

      In my 5 years as a nurse, and 5 years prior to that as a Certified Nurses Aide, I have worked a variety of areas in nursing. I've been there to see new little ones enter this world, and been there as people took their last breaths. I've wiped big butts and little butts, given shots, taught mother's how to breastfeed, given baths to babies for their first time and helped bath the elderly. I've been a shoulder to cry on when people needed to vent, and been there to share a smile or laugh when they needed it. I've got to hear stories of "the old days", and stories of my patients' troubles. I've learned from my patients, and they've learned from me.

     I've been there in crisis situations with my heart pounding, yet kept a calm face. I've been yelled at by doctors and patients. I've been called every name in the book. I've skipped meals to make sure patients had their meds or a warm blanket. I've missed countless holidays, birthdays, and even our first anniversary. I wasn't there for my son's first Christmas, first words, or his first steps. I was, and still am, dedicated to my job.

      I love that I can be there for all sorts of events in people's lives, whether it good or bad, I'm there. I love being a shoulder for support, an ear for listening, and a source of information when needed. I am so thankful for having heard all the stories from the elderly I deal with in our community and those whom I have helped in the past who are no longer with us. I really feel like we are losing a big part of our history as the older generation that experienced the depression, and WW2 are passing away. I love that I have had the opportunity to hear the stories of the young and old patients I have cared for in the years. My most rewarding experiences have been from being a nurse. Nothing warms your heart more than having a patient recognize you in the store or at a restaurant, and thank you for being there at their time of need.

     I am blessed that I have, and have had, the opportunity to see people at their best and their worst day in and day out. It's not always pretty, but it's what I signed on for when I became a nurse. It's often a thankless job, yet I wouldn't trade it for the world!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our Pirate Birthday Party

       A few months ago our little guy informed me he wanted a pirate birthday party. I was all for this, but was amazed by how expensive a lot of the pirate theme stuff was in the stores and online. I decided I was going to make a lot of the stuff myself. I made the treasure chest, the cake, the cupcakes, and had help with his shirt and eye patches for the kids. Here's the photo dump of the party.

Digging for treasure

Getting a Tattoo
Blowing out the candles

Mommy's 1st ever attempt at decorating a cake!

Pirate shirt made by his MeMe

Family party pinata time!
The treasure chest from his school friend party's treasure hunt.

Pin the flag on the treasure

So that's the party...Well parties actually! We had a "school friend" party in the morning with all of his school friends...9 kids under the age of 5...craziness! Then in the evening we had a family and family friend party with 7 more kids there. I was one tired momma when it was all over, but I wouldn't change it for the world. It was all worth it when he told me it was the best birthday ever :)

PS- If you want to know how I made any of the stuff, please ask and I will make a post on how I did that item or items :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

One of my favorite days....

Dear Carson,

     On this day, in 2008, at 9:13pm, you came into our world.  You made me a mother, and daddy a father, to a healthy, 8lb 10oz little boy. A day that is by far one of my most memorable and favorite days in my entire life. In the past four years you've learned to walk, talk, ride a bike, write your name, and play baseball. You've had 3 surgeries, and more bumps and bruises than I can even count! You are pure boy, and I LOVE IT! Each day is always an adventure with you. Your love for us shows, and we love you so much also. Your smile, your hugs, and your kisses melt my heart!

     Our whole world changed on this day 4 years ago. I wouldn't have it any other way. We've watched our incredible little guy go....

From this...

To this!

Happy 4th Birthday Carson!!!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Free For All

I know it's been a while since I blogged, I've been crazy busy with getting things ready for a certain little boy's 4th Birthday party this weekend. I will blog all about it next week. We are having a big Pirate party tomorrow, and his actualy birthday is on Monday. Exciting fun times for us! Now on to the past week in review:

Work- Has consisted of more emergnecy preparedness trainings this week....but I've still managed to keep on top of all the stuff piled up on my desk also.

Gram- Today my grandma is coming home from the nursing home. I'm still not sure we are all ready for her to come home yet, but its happening regardless. She's very alert and "with it" lately. She's still wobbly when walking but its ok, hopefully she continues to approve.

Birthday Party Prep- So far this week, I have made a treasure chest, stuffed a pinata, stuffed 16 treat bags (for his 2 parties), and bought loads of food. I still have to make the cake and cupcakes for tomorrows parties also. I will be posting the party pictures and how to create your own pirate party next week. This has been a big DIY adventure that I have loved!

Nephew's Birthday Party- Last weekend Cman and I went on a camping trip for my nephew's birthday party. It was hot, and rained half the time, but we still had a blast! I haven't gone camping in probably 18 years, and it was wonderful to be back outdoors again. We floated down the Meramec River 3 different times in 2 days. Cman loved the water and loved playing in the mud the rain left behind. E really enjoyed his birthday party too. It was great to see my brother, sister-in-law, and E. Can't wait to see them again this weekend for our little pirate's birthday.

I know it's short, and all over the place, but stay with me. Next week is going to be great....lots of good posts planned for you all next week!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hi I'm Becky...the midwest cornfed mom!

Changint it up a bit this month for the link up.... I am borrowing this A-Z format from a couple of ladies from last month's link up. Hope it helps you understand who I am....you can also find more about me from my previous Blog Star link up here.

Getting to Know Me from A-Z 

Age: 28 (ugh, did I just admit that?!)
Bedtime: Usually around 10:30
College: LakeLand College (and soon to be Southern Illinois University @ Edwardsville)
Dogs: A Beagle/Dachsund mix, named Daisy
Everyday Necessity: Diet Coke or Diet Dr. Pepper
From: Illinois
Gold or Silver?: Gold
Holiday: Thanksgiving, I love the homecooked fat filled food :)
Ice Cream: Strawberry
Job Title:  Public Health Registered Nurse
Karaoke Go-To Song: ??? never done Karaoke
Live: Central Illinois
Movie: A Walk to Remember
Night or Morning Person?: Night Person
Outdoors Lover?: Yes! But lately it's been too hot to go outside for longer than 2 minutes :(
Pet Peeves: People who are hypocritical. People who leave their car running/parked at the door to the store when they are perfectly capable of parking in the parking spaces 30 feet from the door!
Quirks: I have to lock my car doors immediately after getting in the car regardless of where I am at. I cannot function without a diet coke or diet dr pepper EVERY morning. I over use LOL and :) in texts, blogs, & twitter.
Restaurant: The Ribeye...It's a local steak place that literally only has 4 things on the menu...2 ribeyes, grilled chicken, or steak and shrimp. BEST SALAD BAR EVER!
Sports: hmmm...I like hockey, football, and baseball.
Teams: Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bears, and the Chicago Cubs. Primarily the Blackhawks though :)
Urban or Rural?: Definitely rural. Our town literally has 1200 people in it. There's amish families within 5 minutes of me, and our traffic jam is waiting behind a tractor on the 2 lane highway.
Vacation: Dream vacation is Hawaii or the Virgin Islands....but for now I love going to Florida yearly with my boys.
Weather: I love a beautiful, warm, sunny day.
Xtra Special Fact About You: I was born with 12 fingers....seriously, I had the skin and starting nubs of extra fingers, but the Dr tied them off with string when I was little so I was left with little wart looking bumps til I was 18 and decided to have them cut out.
Yogurt (Fro-yo) Toppings: Sprinkles....or crushed oreos, lol.
Zoo Animal: Zebra, or Alligator, or Penguin...random I know!

Mrs. Monologues

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dinner Last Night

It's the title of a song that I really like from O.A.R.....But this post isn't about that. It's really about dinner last night, haha.

Dinner last night was incredible. I grilled the BEST shrimp and vegetables that I have ever made! How you ask? Well, lucky for you, I like to share my secrets (or not secrets, lol).

Parmesan Grilled Shrimp
1 lb. frozen, cooked, peeled shrimp
1 teaspoon lemon juice
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon grated parmesan cheese
1 1/2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Mix all ingredients in bowl, toss with shrimp. Grill on medium heat approximately 5 minutes per side. I use a grill basket for mine.

Grilled Vegetables
1 medium zucchini, thinly sliced
1 medium yellow squash, thinly sliced
1 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper

Toss vegetables with pepper and olive oil. Grill in grill basket on medium heat for 5-8 minutes, turn vegetables over halfway through cooking.

My husband does not eat vegetables other than broccoli, but he ate these. The shrimp was delish also, it didnt have any fishy taste at all, like it usually does when I grill it.

Sorry for no pics, hubs ate it all before I could get any!


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