Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Free For All

I know it's been a while since I blogged, I've been crazy busy with getting things ready for a certain little boy's 4th Birthday party this weekend. I will blog all about it next week. We are having a big Pirate party tomorrow, and his actualy birthday is on Monday. Exciting fun times for us! Now on to the past week in review:

Work- Has consisted of more emergnecy preparedness trainings this week....but I've still managed to keep on top of all the stuff piled up on my desk also.

Gram- Today my grandma is coming home from the nursing home. I'm still not sure we are all ready for her to come home yet, but its happening regardless. She's very alert and "with it" lately. She's still wobbly when walking but its ok, hopefully she continues to approve.

Birthday Party Prep- So far this week, I have made a treasure chest, stuffed a pinata, stuffed 16 treat bags (for his 2 parties), and bought loads of food. I still have to make the cake and cupcakes for tomorrows parties also. I will be posting the party pictures and how to create your own pirate party next week. This has been a big DIY adventure that I have loved!

Nephew's Birthday Party- Last weekend Cman and I went on a camping trip for my nephew's birthday party. It was hot, and rained half the time, but we still had a blast! I haven't gone camping in probably 18 years, and it was wonderful to be back outdoors again. We floated down the Meramec River 3 different times in 2 days. Cman loved the water and loved playing in the mud the rain left behind. E really enjoyed his birthday party too. It was great to see my brother, sister-in-law, and E. Can't wait to see them again this weekend for our little pirate's birthday.

I know it's short, and all over the place, but stay with me. Next week is going to be great....lots of good posts planned for you all next week!

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