Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

The Note

It finally happened.

Yep. This week we got a note from the teacher. *cue dramatic music* Carson's been in school for 3 years now (2 Pre-K before starting K this year), and this is his first note home. Apparently his friends weren't moving fast enough for him, so he decided to push them to get them moving. Not once, but on two separate occasions in the same day! When his teacher tried to talk to him about it after the 2nd time, he walked away from her and kicked another child's pillow! Oy!

We had a long talk last night with him and he assures daddy and I that this won't happen again. I sure hope it doesn't because the mommy guilt I had from this episode was enough to make me lose sleep. I felt like we were "those parents". You know, the ones with the kid who's a bully. I really think it happened because he was hungry. When his blood sugar drops, he gets down right mean!

Why are little boys so mean? Why does his bad day make me feel like a bad mommy?

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Breastfeeding: Second Time Around 3 months?!


     I simply can't believe that I am sitting here writing this post. I never dreamed that I would still be breastfeeding Jonathan at 3 months. I failed so miserably last time that I didn't think it would work this time. Granted, he gets 12 -16 ounces of formula a day at the sitter's but when we are home he gets mommy milk! I've even been courageous enough to breastfeed out in public a few times now!  I love getting to hold my little guy and nurse him to sleep at night. It's special mommy time that I miss since I work.  Speaking of work, pumping while there has become tricky lately but I think I've worked out the kinks we had and now I'm back on track.

     I told you all before that my goal was 6 weeks, then 2 Well I guess I need a new goal?!  So my new goal is 4 months. That's our next well baby check and I want to talk with our pediatrician before stopping. She and her nurse are super supportive of breastfeeding. They are incredibly encouraging of my choice to breastfeed and supplement. Never once has my pediatrician told me I could only do one or the other or that I should really stop the breastfeeding and only formula feed. She respects my opinion that "any breast milk is better than none" and stands by my choice even though we have had struggles with Jonathan and reflux.  She encouraged me to exclusively breastfeed but understood that I just did not produce enough and had to supplement. She worked with me to get Jonathan's tummy troubles under control and listened to me when I told her he couldn't tolerate when I had milk products.  She's such a difference from our pediatrician we had with Carson. It's amazing how the support of breastfeeding can make or break you.

    So stay tuned for an update in a few weeks!


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