Friday, September 6, 2013

The Note

It finally happened.

Yep. This week we got a note from the teacher. *cue dramatic music* Carson's been in school for 3 years now (2 Pre-K before starting K this year), and this is his first note home. Apparently his friends weren't moving fast enough for him, so he decided to push them to get them moving. Not once, but on two separate occasions in the same day! When his teacher tried to talk to him about it after the 2nd time, he walked away from her and kicked another child's pillow! Oy!

We had a long talk last night with him and he assures daddy and I that this won't happen again. I sure hope it doesn't because the mommy guilt I had from this episode was enough to make me lose sleep. I felt like we were "those parents". You know, the ones with the kid who's a bully. I really think it happened because he was hungry. When his blood sugar drops, he gets down right mean!

Why are little boys so mean? Why does his bad day make me feel like a bad mommy?

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