Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thankful for...

I've been slow in posting an update because our computer has died. Hopefully it gets fixed soon! But any how, here's my whole month of being thankful, in a nutshell :)

Family- I'm so thankful for my husband, son, and little bun in the oven. My husband has transformed into a great daddy for Carson and our newest blessing. It's not always been easy, but we make it work! I can't imagine my life without any one if them. I love beig a wife and a mommy.

Work- I'm thankful for having a job I can go to during the week, that gives me nights, weekends, and holidays off, and enables me to help my community.

Our home- it may be small and we may be outgrowing it, but it's ours. We have a roof over our heads, running water, and warmth from the cold November winds.

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