Saturday, June 1, 2013

Jonathan's Birth Story

On the 23rd, last Thursday, I saw my OB. I had been having blood pressure issues for a week or more, and headaches with blurred vision. Chris and I told him this, as well as about my swelling in my hands and feet. He was concerned due to my symptoms, as well as the presence of protein in my urine. These are signs of preeclampsia. Preeclampsia is "diagnosed by the elevation of the expectant mother’s blood pressure usually after the twentieth week of pregnancy combined with the appearance of excessive protein in her urine." according to Dr. H was concerned that we may need to deliver the baby now. He said it was ok since I was 37 weeks, but he needed to make sure it was medically necessary before we took any action.

We left that appointment with orders to go straight to Labor & Delivery for monitoring of my blood pressure, lab work, and monitoring of baby, knowing it was possible we would have a baby that night. When we got there, I was having contractions every 90 seconds, my blood pressure was high, my urine had protein in it, and my reflexes were abnormal.  (We found out later that our nurse was actually concerned that I would have a seizure and had everything ready for an emergency c-section!) We were told to expect staying for 24 hours for a 24 hour total protein in my urine.  A few hours later when they were finally able to get a hold of my doctor. He said to send me home with the stuff to do the 24 hours urine test at home, and orders to not go to work in the morning. My blood pressures were still high, my vision blurred, and I felt awful.

Friday evening I dropped off urine jugs, and waited for the doctor to call. 10:00 that night rolled around and I felt even worse. I called my OB...He was gone and not on call. They transferred me to the on call OB. I told his answering service my symptoms and that I had just turned in a 24 hour urine. They passed this info on to Dr. M, immediately got back on the phone and told me to go directly to the hospital and asked which hospital I would be going to.

We dropped of Carson at my parents, and headed for the hospital.  When we arrived to the hospital at 11:40, they were waiting for us on labor and delivery.  They doctor had called ahead and spoke with them about me. Within 15 minutes, I was hooked up to the fetal monitor, blood pressure monitor, and they were drawing labwork.  My first blood pressure there was 175/100! Within another 10 minutes, I had an IV of magnesium sulfate to bring my blood pressure down. That stuff stinks! It makes you feel flushed all over and makes you want to drink non-stop. I wasn't allowed to drink water or even have ice chips as there was concern we would be having an emergency C-section.  By 1:00am, we were told my labs were worsening.  My total protein was over 1800 (it should be under 300). My platelets were dropping, my hemoglobin was dropping and my blood pressure was still too high.


My friend who is a nurse at the hospital we go to came in and gave us the news.   We were going to be having a C-section at 7am. The doctor on call was not happy with my labs from Thursday and was even less pleased with the labs from Friday night. He decided it was time to have this baby and stop the preeclampsia before it causes permanent damage.  I was ready to have the baby and feel better, yet I started crying.  I think this is the point that Chris realized just how serious everything was for me and Jonathan.

We called our parents, moved to another room to rest for a few hours, and tried to prepare for the morning.

Saturday morning I "woke up" around 5am. My blood pressure was now stable. My head still hurt, but I was very fuzzy on everything mentally. I just laid there thinking about what was about to happen, hoping that the medicine wouldn't cause any problems for Jonathan (it's been known to cause respiratory, reflex, and muscle issues).  By 5:45, the anesthesiologist was in my room asking questions to prepare for my spinal for the surgery.  Within another 30-45 minutes, my room was a flurry of activity. Jonathan apparently was having heart rate issues and there was concern that they would be doing a stat emergency C-section. He straightened up though and pretty soon they were giving me pre-op meds and prepping me for surgery.

My in-laws were there with us by 6:40. At 7:05, they were preparing to wheel me to the OR. I was upset because I hadn't seen Carson yet and I wanted to tell him I loved him before I went in for the surgery.  As they wheeled me out of my room, there he was with my parents and grandparents. It brought tears to my eyes to see him.  The reality of everything set in and I was ready.  I was wheeled into the OR at 7:15am.  They performed my spinal anesthesia (weirdest feeling ever!), laid me back, checked baby's position and started the surgery at 7:40.

They brought Chris in and he sat right by my right hand and my head.  It seemed like everything went so fast at this point. I was sick from my blood pressure dropping,  so I was in and out of being alert. At 8:00 on the nose, we heard, "He's a big boy!" followed by the sweetest cry. Jonathan was born. He was crying, and active. It was an answered prayer!

They weighed the baby, cleaned him up, and brought him to meet mommy. 

Then, Chris and Jonathan went to the nursery and they gave me medicine for pain and nausea. Everything after this point is very fuzzy. 

I remember being given a picture of our son to hold and take to recovery with me. I remember being rolled down the hall to see the baby in the nursery, then off to recovery.  They kept asking me to wiggle my toes there, as soon as I did that, I was back to my room to see my family!

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