Friday, July 12, 2013

Our Fourth of July

Last week we had a wonderful time celebrating our freedom. The day was filled with fun, family, smiles, great memories, and laughter.  The day involved a parade, watermelon, sack races, and turtles.

 Here's a photo review of our day!

Hi everyone!

Cman in the parade
Trying to convince him to touch his turtle for the race

Cman got 3rd place in the sack race!

We ended the day with fireworks :)

I only hope that the memories we made last week will stick with Carson for forever. It was probably the best 4th we've had with him. 


  1. Hey we just got the same Big Bro shirt for G at Osh Kosh last week! It was on clearance and an additional 30 or 40% off so we got it for like $2. Bargain!

    1. Haha! We just got it the weekend before in the super clearance sale too :)



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