Friday, August 30, 2013

Updating my Bucket List

You may recall a while ago I shared my bucket list with you all. I wanted to take a chance to update it now! I've crossed something off, and added a couple more things. Here's what it looks like now:

1. Visit Europe
2. Travel to Hawaii
3. Get my bachelor's degree *I have applied for admission into a program!
4. Learn how to drive a motorcycle
5. Ride in a helicopter
6. Meet a celebrity
7. Go to Ground Zero in NYC
8. Become a community leader
9. Have a second child (this one is still up in the air)
10. Make a difference in a child's life (that is not my child)
11. Trace my family roots back as far as possible
12. See my son graduate high school, college, and get married
13. Compete in a triathlon
14. Run a 5k
15. Ride a "Tour for the Cure" race
16. Teach my child about his family members that have passed before his time
17. Fly in the cockpit of an airplane
18. Sky dive
19. Swim with the dolphins
20. Buy a bigger house
21. Get my master's degree
22. Become a certified CPR instructor
23. Plant my own garden (and actually have it grow!)
24. See the Grand Canyon
25. See the Las Vegas Strip
26. Visit Australia
27. Organize a community group
28. Visit Alaska
29. Travel to the Virgin Islands
30. Take my children to Walt Disney World
31. Introduce our boys to my husband's relatives (this may seem odd but for the most part they've honestly never met me or our boys!)
32. Achieve and Maintain my goal weight of 145 lbs.

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