Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Free For All

Hey everyone, I apologize for the silence around here lately.  Our boys have been sick this week, especially the baby. He was in the ER on Monday night for dehydration and vomiting. They did nothing for him, literally, except a swab for RSV and strep.  Tuesday we saw the pediatrician who gave him anti-nausea medicine which seemed to help some. Wednesday night he was more like his normal self. Wednesday night into Thursday morning, Carson was vomiting.  By school time he was fine, but he stayed home until he was vomit free for 24 hours. Thursday afternoon Jonathan got fever again and started being restless again. We saw the pediatrician today and he got 2 antibiotic shots, and oral antibiotics. He's vomiting still and has an ear infection and fever. I'm praying we can avoid the ER again this weekend, but it doesn't look too hopeful :(

Hope your family is staying healthy and warm in this crazy winter! We have 8-10 inches of snow coming our way again on Sunday!

Take care!

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