Thursday, February 5, 2015

I'm back!!!

Hello all! I'm currently on a two week medical leave for work, so I'm going to attempt to write a bunch of posts to get back on track and catch you all up on life here in the Midwest.  Currently it's 5 degrees and we have 2 inches of snow on the ground, so I'm ok with being stuck at home.

Last Friday I had an abdominal hernia repair. Let me tell you, that is no walk in the park! I still am very limited on what I can do. I am not allowed to lift anything more than a gallon of milk for 6-8 weeks! This means that JP is staying with my parents since I can't get him in and out of bed or anything like that. Carson is home with us and we go visit JP every evening until bedtime. I miss him so much, but know that it is for the best.

I'll write a more in depth update about each of us and what's been going on over the next week or two. I don't want to overwhelm everyone with a bunch of posts all at once, haha!

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