Thursday, April 24, 2014

~11 Months~

I can barely believe I am writing this post. Tomorrow,  my baby is 11 months old. In just 4 weeks, he will turn the big 1! In the past month we have hit a few milestones!

- Walks a few steps alone without assistance or support
- Waves "bye-bye"
- Signs "Done" and "More"
- Started transitioning to the sippy cup, and accepting it finally!
- Says Mama, Dada, Blanket, Minde, Papa, Baba (bottle), Done, and Bye

- Three on bottom, two on top, with a third on top coming through

- Mostly table food now with the occasional food pouch
- Drinks Enfamil Gentlease

- He still wakes through the night to eat...yeah I know, he's "too old for that". He's a big boy, he needs his food I guess! 

- Mostly size 12 - 18 months. Some 24 month shirts though.
- Size 5 shoes....yeah he has big feet!

He's changing every day and becoming more independent.  He loves to roam the house and chase the dog around.  He also loves to play with his big brother. The bond between these two seriously makes my heart feel like it will explode!

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