Monday, April 14, 2014

Tomorrow's the day...

Tomorrow I meet with my son's school to discuss their lack of action on my concerns. This meeting will consist of myself, the school pyschologist, the school guidance counselor, his teacher, the principal, and the school's special education teacher. Since November, I have made two requests for the school to evaluate my son and his behavior for the impact it has on school as well as how it is effecting his well being.  Both of these requests went UNANSWERED. His teacher acknowledged the requests, told me she would look into getting things started, but that's as far as they ever went.

According the the Illinois State Board of Education, "Within 14 school days after receiving the written request, the district will decide whether to evaluate the child or not. If the district determines an evaluation is warranted, then the district must provide the parents with the paperwork to provide formal written consent. If the district determines that the evaluation is not necessary, it must notify the parent in writing of the decision not to evaluate and the reasons for the decision".  So that makes what has happened so far ILLEGAL! As a parent I am outraged about their lack of concern for my son and his well being.

You may recall in my post last week, I mentioned that I had gotten his pediatrician involved and the school FINALLY responded. It took her writing a letter, me distributing it to the counselor, teacher, principal, and psychologist, before they decided to agree to meet to discuss my concerns.  We are having a "Domain Meeting". They will decide if they have enough reason to conduct an evaluation for services, and then go from there. I'm not too hopeful going into the meeting as the pyschologist says the teacher said "lots of positive things about Carson, and has seen great improvements".  I told her I found this hard to believe since the "Behavior" section of his report card has gotten progressively worse throughout the year.

We will see though....hopefully we can come to some sort of agreement and get a plan in place for his education. I'll let you know later this week!

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