Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Free for All

It's Friday! Friday the 13th in fact. Oh, and a full moon! I'm not superstitious about it at all though really. I will say that the full moon does explain some behaviors in our hour this week though.

Jonathan has had his ups and downs this week. He actually slept from 11p-6a twice this week, which was awesome! The other nights though were brutal. He was up most of the night on Monday and Tuesday. I think he had a stomachache. I was at my witt's end by 10pm on Wednesday. He finally went to bed at 11 and stayed down until 6:30am! I was very thankful for that. We both needed the rest.

He bit Carson for the first time this week too. Apparently Carson went to the bathroom at my mom's house and Jonathan went in there with him. Jonathan bit Carson's arm at some point while Carson was trying to use the restroom. Carson was fine by the time I got off work you couldn't even tell where Jonathan had bit his arm.

Carson has had a pretty good week this week. He's consistently getting his medicine at the same time (shortly after I drop him off at my mom's) every morning and it shows. He is being nice, loving, and respectful! He's super excited to be traveling to Michigan with his daddy this weekend for a boys' weekend. They are going to the NASCAR race on Sunday.  Jonathan and I will be staying behind.

The weather here this week has been cool and rainy. It's quite a change from the 90s and sunshine we had last week, but I'll take it! Perhaps a little less rain would be nice though.

Summer reading programs started last week and so far Carson has read 15 books to either myself, Chris, or my mom. He's doing awesome with expanding his reading skills. He has a new found love for "Walter the Farting Dog" books. They are funny and cute at the same time.

Next week is a big week for us. Father's Day Sunday, Chris' birthday on Monday, our 8th Anniversary on Tuesday, and the local town festival (which I help plan) on Saturday!

I will have a few posts next week too, so stay tuned for sappy love stories!

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