Monday, October 22, 2012

My 10th Class Reunion

A few weeks ago I attended (hosted actually) my 10th class reunion. I should start by telling you that I went to a small school. My graduating class was 72. Crazy, I know.

Anyways, I had a great time just catching up with some of my classmates and watching our kids play together at the park. The weather was great, the grilling was good, and the company even better! I even brought our year books from 1st grade through Senior year. It was blast looking back at all those memories with my friends

Here's some pics from the afternoon.
Everyone that was there. (sorry its so far away)

Discussing yearbooks, and fun memories!

C and his friend J. They played so well together for having just met!
Can't believe it's 10 years. Everyone there wanted to do it again at 15! Dont know if I'm up for planning that one too.

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