Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October Vacation...Part 2!

After a fun day one and two, we decided to try somewhere new again on Saturday. Our adventure? Wet-n-Wild Waterpark.

Lil guy loves water parks. I think that child has no fear! He loved the tall "family" slides the most. There was one that we rode six times! Unfortunately I dont have any pictures from the park because it's hard to carry a camera or cell phone in a swimsuit.

After the waterpark, we went back to our hotel and ended up going down to the pool to swim. (I think my child is a fish!)

Sunday was our last full day in Florida, and per little mans request, we went back to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure. We enjoyed it even more that day. Lines we super short, and the weather was nice. That evening we did something super fun and once in a lifetime (at least for us Midwest dwellers). We took our son to watch a space rocket launch at the Kennedy Space Center. I will post a whole other blog about this because it was amazing!

The next day, we got up had lunch and had to head back to cold Illinois :( We had a great time in Florida, and can't wait to go back as a family of four!

Here's some more pictures from the last couple days of our trip.

Don't feed me to Jaws daddy!

Pouting about having to leave the dino center

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