Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Free For All

Today I'm bringing back a post from the past that somewhere along the line got lost. This weeks post will be short and sweet :)

It's Friday....Thank goodness!

This week has been crazy for me. Monday and Tuesday I did vision and hearing screens on children ages 2-5 during the local Preschool screenings. Let me tell you....that was very....trying. Yes, that's a good word for it. Wednesday I drove 110 miles round trip to participate in a grant required, 20 minute drill. Thursday was a day of getting lots done, and hopefully today is too! There's been lots of public health cases to deal with this week, so I'm hoping today doesn't bring any new ones!

Sunday night during the Super Bowl our kitchen sink started leaking into the basement....apparently old pipes from the 50s don't last forever, haha! But Tuesday night Chris and dad replaced the pipes under the sink and I'm so happy it's fixed. It's hard to do anything without a kitchen sink!

Lil man has been battling a fever since Tuesday. Thursday we went to the pediatrician and learned that once again he has strep throat :( Fevers of 102-103 make this momma uneasy. Hopefully he starts feeling better this weekend. 

Wednesday night Chris and I went to a Matchbox Twenty concert....that's a whole other post in itself! AMAZING!!!!!!

I'm 22 weeks! I posted an update earlier this week with more details. I'm so glad I am finally feeling good. Can't wait for June to get here.

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