Monday, January 14, 2013

19 weeks! Baby gender poll!

Crazy to think that I am almost halfway through this pregnancy! Where does the time go?!? So in 6 days we will find out the sex of baby #2. I'm curious to see what people think it will be.

To help you (maybe), here's my responses to some old wive's tales:

Sleeping position: Right side (but that's pretty usual for me!) so that's one point for GIRL.

Necklace over stomach/hand: back and forth, so that's a point for BOY.

Skin on hands: VERY dry lately, so one more point for BOY.

Morning Sickness: horrible from week 6 to week 17, somewhat better lately. So that's one more for GIRL.

Leg Hair: growing like crazy, so one more for BOY.

Baby's Heartrate: it's been over 140 every visit except the first one at 9 weeks, so that's another one for GIRL.

Cravings: more salty foods than sweet, so that's BOY.

Mayan Odd/Even Theory: both were even, so that's one more for GIRL.

Chinese Prediction: Says BOY

Hard to tell by the old wives tales. I really don't have a feeling either way. So what's your predictions????

Here's my bump at 16 weeks if it helps your guess!

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