Saturday, May 18, 2013

Our Preschool Graduate

   Since we live in a small rural town, this program is provided by state funding under the state and federal "Preschool For All" grant.  This program is called Project HELP. It stands for "Helping Educate Little People". It was a half day program that ran throughout the regular school year and was basically a Pre-K program.  For two years, our son has been in the same class, with the same teachers, sharing the same friends.  This past Thursday marked the end of that era for our son (and us!).  Thursday night, Carson graduated Project HELP.  Some parents cried, some cheered, I just sat there with a big smile on my face, realizing just how much our little boy has grown up in the past 2 years!

   The kids walked in in their little caps and gowns, complete with tassels! Then they sang some songs from throughout the year.  It concluded with presentation of "diplomas".

   Here's the picture overview from the night. (Sorry if some are blurry, I'm still trying to figure out this camera!)

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