Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Free for All!

It's back!

After months of being missing, I am bringing back the Friday Free For All.  These posts are just a mash up of what life has been like that week.

This week we've had a blizzard that resulting in my office being closed for 2 days. Multiple roads in the area were closed due to the snowing and blowing.  People were referring to this storm as "snowmageddon" or "snowpacolypse". The stores were sold completely out of bread, milk, meat, and produce from Sunday until Thursday! We still have drifts throughout our yard (some are 3-4 foot high), and snow packed roads everywhere you go.  The foot of snow was followed by two days of the "highs" being sub zero!  I have been very thankful for our new furnace this week. We've stayed inside, spent time together, and stayed warm.  The hubs has been sick this week, but thankfully kept his illness to himself due to me quarantining him to our room for two days during the blizzard. I was so happy to return to work on Wednesday. We all were getting cabin fever and VERY ready to get out of the house, even if it was still cold!

What are the munchkins up to?


Carson has had three snow days so far this week! (He was scheduled to go back on Tuesday) We are hoping he will return to school today, after 21 days of Winter break! It's going to be rough getting him back into the usual routine, that's for sure. He's thoroughly enjoyed the more than foot snow we've had this week though. He built a couple of "igloos" at Great Grandpa's house while staying there on his "snow days".

JP, what gives little man?! He's a grump this week, which I attribute to teething. I am pretty sure he's cutting his top front two teeth. Wednesday night he also decided that it's boring being on the floor, so he now pulls up on everything he can! Between the pulling up, and the full out crawling he does now, there's not a dull moment in our house.

So there's our week...nothing exciting, but that's life :)

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