Monday, January 13, 2014

Why I use cloth diapers

When we first found out we were pregnant, I started thinking about cloth diapers. A friend convinced me how convenient and easy they are to use. I still wasn't sold, so I extensively read the Back to Basics series on The Cloth Diaper Revival blog. After reading Jenny's blog, I was sold!

There are a few reasons why I chose cloth diapers. Here are my top reasons.

1) Ecologically friendly. - Our household tries to be "green" whenever we can. The thought of how many disposable diapers end up in the landfills each year is enough to make me sick! Now I'm not saying that we don't ever use disposables, but each cloth diaper we use is one less disposable in the landfill.

2) It's Economical! - While the up front cost of cloth diapers is slightly higher, the overall savings is incredible. The amount of money I would spend on four months of disposable diapers was the same amount of money I spent to get started cloth diapering. The diapers I bought will get us through potty training, then we can resell them to recoup some of our costs! That was another thing that sold me on cloth diapers!

3) Amazing online support/connections - I have made some good friends in the cloth diaper community online. Everyone I have "met" has been incredibly kind and helpful in my cloth diapering journey.

4) Great for sensitive skin - Jonathan has pretty sensitive skin. We have to be very careful what we use in his baths, etc. If he's in disposables very long, his skin gets red and irritated. In cloth, he rarely ever gets red! It's great for sensitive skinned babies, as the cloth diapers pull the moisture away from the skin better, and have a fleece (or similar) layer against baby's skin to give them a dry feeling.

5) The convenience - This past week we had a major blizzard. We couldn't leave our house for 4 days. I didn't have to worry about getting out for diapers. All I had to do was wash a load of diapers and we were all set! It was wonderful not to have to get out in sub zero temperatures and two feet of snow!

There are many benefits to cloth diapering, it just happens to be that these are my top 5. Do you cloth diaper? Why or why not?


  1. I used nb prefolds and covers when we ran out of nb disposables and loved it! Then my father-in-law started buying us a bunch of disposables so that he wouldn't have to change a cloth diaper lol.

    I tried my OS stash on him and since he's still small in the waist it's pretty bulky and again, my father-in-law just bought us a big box of diapers! I'm thinking we'll try again when we're in our own house.

    What's your favorite brand?

    1. I like Sweet Pea Covers and Flips Covers, both are OS. As for pocket diapers, I prefer BumGenius or Rumparoo. I like Grovia AIOs. I'm pretty diverse, haha.

      Watch my blog for some new reviews and product praises come up in the next few weeks.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)



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