Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Free For All

Well, we made it to Friday again, so let's recap the week.

Blog- This week I got my first follower on the blog (thanks Mrs. Monologues!) Within 24 hours of her "following" me, I was up to7 followers! I am so thankful for her "Blog Star" link up. It has helped me out a lot so far :)

Relay- Tonight is the local American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I relay for my Aunt, a breast cancer SURVIVOR! She's a big part of my life, and always has been. She's beat the beast, and tonight we walk for the 2nd year in a row to celebrate her life. I am still a little shy of my fundraising goal, but hoping to get there by tonight! (Click here to donate if you'd like! Becky's Relay for Life)

Lil Man- His behavior has improved this week, but still struggling at the babysitter's. Hopefully it gets even better soon!

Gram- She's in the nursing home, not doing too good, but not terrible either. We are still hoping for continued improvement and that she will be home soon.

Weekend Plans- This is a very busy weekend for us. Tomorrow my husband, Chris, turns 29. Sunday is not only Father's day, but it is our 6th wedding anniversary.  We will be going out of town together tomorrow evening for a nice dinner alone and of course, some gambling on the mighty Mississippi

Work- Work was good this week. Not too busy and not too slow. Next week I go to Chicago for 3 1/2 days for hubs, no son....just mommy time!

How was your week? Any big plans for the weekend?


  1. Have you figured out what to wear this weekend yet?

    1. Nope! Absolutely no idea what I am going to wear yet. I am thinking my white skirt, and a tank, then buying a new nice top to go with it for supper while we are shopping down there tomorrow.



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