Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Free for All!

Well it's Friday and what a week it has been! Yet it's far from over! This weekend our little town has it's little celebration of freedom. I am on the committee for it, so I will basically be living there after 2pm today until 10am Sunday. Today's free for all will probably be short and sweet due to this. Don't hate haha!

Work- Well as you can tell I haven't blogged all week. Not because I was ignoring it, but rather because I had to internet/computer where I was for work. I spent 4 days in Chicago learning emergency preparedness :). I flew from our small local airport to O'Hare on a 10 passenger plane, thinking I would die when we landed (there was a LOT of wind Monday), got my first cab by myself, AND managed to find my way around the suburb where I was on foot due to no car. My boss met me there 2 days later and drove me home yesterday. It was a great Summit and now I'm glad that I got home last night. I missed my boys terribly!

C Dude- C will be competeing in a "Cutest Little Firecracker" contest tonight. He's one of 2 in his age group and one of 4 boys overall, so that odds are good that he will win his division and possibly even the overall title of "2012 Little Mr. Firecracker". My mom and I have made his costume completely from "scratch". I will share pictures this weekend after the contest. I literally made him a firecracker outfit. It's pretty awesome if I do say so myself!

Gram- Well her wound isn't healing because she won't eat, so she now has a Wound-Vac on her abdomen to heal her incision. She's really not progressing like she needs to be, but hopefully she turns around for the better soon

I think that about wraps up my week for now. I need to get in gear and get ready for tonight's contest and my weekend of craziness. Hopefully my next post is of my own "Little Mr. Firecracker. :)

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  1. Yuck to the wound-vac. I've seen them heal nasty decubs, but they don't do a lot of good if she's not eating. :( Is she depressed? Poor lady. I hope things turn around soon.

    C's costume was cute!



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