Sunday, June 3, 2012

Our Saturday Fun

Yesterday we drove 3 1/2 hours, 205 miles,  to Rockford Airport. Why? For AirFest 2012...A huge airshow that my husband thought our son just HAD to go see. We got there around 10:20, which should be fine since the air displays didn't start until 11 right? Wrong! We waited 15 minutes to reach a parking lot, then waited another 30-40 in line for tickets to get in the gate, then 10 to get in the gate. Luckily, I had brought the stroller for Carson. He's 4, so he was not going to walk all day, and I sure wasn't carrying him all day either! He just chilled in his stroller while we stood on the hot asphalt, lol. Anyhow, we did see the first acts (for the most part) from the line. Once we were in, Carson was enthralled in it all. He loved the 9/11 Firetruck display, and of course, the dozens of airplanes that we could walk through. His favorite thing of the whole day was a tie between the jet powered school bus, and the Mig 17 fighter jet that "deployed bombs". He thought the bus out running a plane was hilarious. The "bomb" explosions made his eyes the widest I've ever seen them. He loved it! We stood and watched displays in the air throughout the day, then around 4pm it was time for the headliners....The US Air Force Thunderbirds.....WOW is all I can say! The things those pilots do are amazing. They are also VERY loud. I held Carson's ears for their performance and half way through it, he fell asleep! How does someone fall asleep during jets flying over at over 500mph?!? All in all, it was a great day with lots of sunshine and smiles. Enjoy our pictures from our day!
Inside a Cargo Plane

Captain Carson Preparing for Takeoff!

AirForce Thunderbirds (hard to get a good pic!)

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  1. Is that the nearest air show? I guess we were spoiled growing up because there was an air force base 15 minutes away.



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