Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet Cdude

Cdude or Cman are the names we have lovingly called our son, C., since just a few days after his birth on July 16, 2008.

Fresh out of mommy's tummy!

Cman came into the world in a big way. Labor and delivery was extremely rough (I'll spare you details but say this, I have to have surgery when he was 10 months old to repair things "down there"). He came into our world a blue, bruised, 8lb 10 oz, 23 in., little boy. He came home like any normal newborn would, at 2 days old, then we ended up back in the hospital 2 days later. (His bruising caused extreme jaundice.) After we got all that straightened out, he was great! Back to his name....C man became "Cman" or "Cdude" when he was a few days old because he has a cousin that was born literally 2 days before him name E. They got to "meet" for the first time at just 9 days old. Keeping them straight and saying their names all the time got confusing (even though they look nothing alike!) So thus we have Cdude & E man. Over time it has became Cman & Eman. They may live 4 hours apart, but they are best friends!

Happy lil man at 6 weeks!

Happy 1st Birthday!

Cman and mommy eating with Elmo...His 3rd Birthday surprise vacation!

Fast Forward almost 4 years.....Cdude has had 2 hospitalization, and 3 surgeries, but is your typical little boy.  He loves playing in the dirt, monster trucks, airplanes, Thomas the Train, and all the typical boy things. He says he wants to be a firefighter, a mail carrier, and a nurse (like mommy), when he grows up. Cman has some OCD tendencies and is a very anxious child, but we wouldn't trade him for the world. He currently can be found terrorizing his mother, babysitter, or MeMe, as he is on summer break from Pre-K. He loves fruit and steak (I know not normal for a child!).  His favorite thing in the world is his Elmo blankie...its a red fuzzy blanket he named Elmo when he was a year old, haha! He loves to go geocaching (bet you google what it is!), play outside, and pretend to be a firefighter.

My little man, March 2012 (age 3 1/2)
Hard to believe we've had this lil man in our lives for almost 4 years! Where does the time go?!


  1. WHAT a sweetheart! I need to go google now...

  2. Okay--I keep leaving comments on people's blogs and they aren't showing up...if you get two eventually, sorry! I am enjoying your blog, even IF my comments don't tell you that I am...

    1. No worries! I only got one. Thanks for stopping by and joining my craziness :)



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