Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Hot, Bob!

Ok we are on day number "I-don't-even-know-I've-lost-track" of temps over 90 degrees. We haven't had a good, measurable rain in 3 weeks, and the last one before that was...well, I can't even remember when!

Our state is in a terrible drought. Crops are dying. Leaves are falling off trees as if it were Autumn. In fact, 98 of 102 counties in the state were declared "disaster areas" this week. Temps at or above 85-90 degrees nearly every day since May, little to no rain (less than 1 inch since May/June), and no end in sight.

It's not pretty! Our yard is brown and hasn't needed mowed in almost 2 months! I really think the AC has ran non stop at our house since Memorial Day.

In the words of the local car dealership commercial....It's Hot, Bob!

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