Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Star: Hi I'm Becky!

Hello everyone!  I'm Becky, a midwest born and raised wife and mommy. I've been with my husband, Chris for 10 years, and happily married to him for the last 6 of those years.  Together we have a wonderful, over-active 4 year old boy, whom you can learn more about here.  We live in the middle of Illinois, surrounded by corn and bean fields.---Seriously, I only have to go 2-3 blocks from our house to find a cornfield.

In this house, we love the Chicago Cubs, but most importantly, we love THE CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS! I can't wait to be a hockey mom in 2 months!

Here are some more posts about me from previous "Blog Star" link ups!

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This blog is my way to share stories of our lives here in the midwest with others out there around the world. I share things about our son, my work as a nurse, my adventures in parenting, cooking, dieting, and getting back into crafting (soon I hope!). There will also be stories of our psychotic Himalayan cat, Sassy, who thinks she runs the house, and our Weagle doggy, Daisy.

Mrs. Monologues


  1. We just moved and we are surrounded by corn! As far as the eye can see and around every corner. It's wild because we don't corn anymore,lol.

  2. So happy you linked up! Your son is too cute!
    Mrs. Monologues

  3. Sassy might be the best name for a pet! love it!



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