Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lists, Lists, and more lists!

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Ok, I have a confession to make....I have an obsession with writing lists. I write them all the time. I don't always use them, yet I write them. Crazy, I know!

Here's *another* list, of the top things I make lists for:

1) Travel- I always list exactly everything that needs packed and which bag it goes into. I also write a list of things that must be done before leaving for whatever destination I will be visiting. Then I write a list of what I want to do while gone. Often the last list I mentioned is written while travelling or once at our destination.

2) Grocery Lists - Yes I make a list out, but 95% of the time, I forget it at home or never take it out of my purse if it does make it to the store with me.

3) Work Tasks - I make lists for meetings, deadlines, things to tell my boss, things to do, etc. I write most of my lists at work.

4) Dates - I don't use a planner. I own 2 of them, but don't use them. Instead, I make lists of important dates to remember that are coming up, and keep them taped to my desk, computer, or in my purse.

How about you? What do you make lists for?

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  1. I love writing lists! I like checking things off of them.



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